If you’re interested in languages, or just the English language, here is a list of fascinating books I’ve read on the topic:

  • The Unfolding Of Language – Guy Deutscher
  • How to Learn any Language – Barry Farber
  • Say what? The Weird and Mysterious Journey of the English Language – Gena Gorrel
  • Empires of the Word – Nicholas Ostler
  • Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue – John McWhorter
  • The Adventure of English, The Biography of a Language – Melvyn Bragg
  • Languages; A Very Short Introduction – Stephen Anderson
  • Euphemania, Our Love Affair with Euphemisms – Ralph Keyes
  • Words on the Move – John McWhorter
  • The Seven Words You Cant Say on Television – Steven Pinker
  • Is That a Fish in Your Ear? – David Bellos

Note: these don’t replace English instruction and practice, but they do add fascinating background to the process!